Lighthouse+Watercolor-777x1024Did you know you can shade with watercolors just by adding layers of paint? My sample shown used one color of liquid blue, but the sky was painted once and the ocean was painted three times. It’s the world’s easiest way to add a bit of subtle shading to your paintings.

1. I remembered this Lighthouse Drawing project turning out well awhile back, so I decided to try a daytime version of it today with my Watercolor class. They followed my step-by-step directions in pencil, then traced all the art with a black Sharpie marker.
2. Watercolor paints were used to paint the art. My sample is done in Red, Green, Blue and Black Dick Blick Liquid Watercolor paint.
3. For added depth to the ocean color, repeat with one or two layers of painting, until it has a different look than the sky.