Sometimes the art my students make just makes my jaw drop. This comes from my Matchbox Art class, where I proposed students make a bird house.

My sample had a very basic house on the cover, and a drawn nest inside and a tiny felt bird. Notice how Lola here turned everything up a notch…or two. Her house has a “Home Sweet Home” sign out front, an interior with a cozy brick wall and flowers, and not just any bird, an adorable hummingbird with extra long beak. Just amazing. And Lola is in the fourth grade.


  • Matchbox PDF template to download
  • Card stock paper, white
  • Black marker, ultra fine point
  • Markers, assorted colors, I like Stabilo
  • Glue sticks or clear tape
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Craft glie



  1. Prep: Cut and fold tray, for each student. Cut insert and sleeve for each student.
  2. Students draw a house design on the sleeve. The art is traced and colored with markers.
  3. Students draw and color the insert to make art for the inside of the tray. The art is traced and colored with markers.
  4. The insert art is placed in the tray, and the sleeve is taped together and slid over the tray.
  5. Students use felt and glue to cut something to go inside their box.