Thanks to for this great mini food art idea. My kids loved making them last week, the only catch was having enough bottles of glitter glue to keep about with about 35 students. (P.S. Making glue stations turned out to be key.)
PREP: The caps, beads, felt, glitter glue and craft glue were all purchased at Michaels.

1. Students applied craft glue to the bottoms of their caps. The inside was filled with pony beads, as many as could lie flat in the cap.

2. The extra space around the cap was filled with matching glitter glue.

3. A ring of glue was applied around the edge of the cap. A small sliver of felt was applied to make the outer ring of pastry dough.

4. Smaller slivers of felt were glued criss-cross style to the top of the pie.

5. Let dry and apply adhesive magnet to the back.