MOM-Card TemplateAs one of my favorite card projects, I’ve posted this before but never with a template that I thought some busy teachers might appreciate.

• View and download M-O-M PDF template

PREP: Cut large white construction paper (12″ x 18″) in half to make panels of 6″ x 18″. Fold the panels into thirds to make a card that measures 6″ x 6″. Arrange folds so that the card makes a “Z”. Cut lots of posterboard “M” and “O” block letters for the students to trace. To save time, I left the “O” without the center cut out, and asked the students to just draw their own. Plan B: Print out the PDF file on cardstock paper and have students color and cut and tape to look like the sample art.

1. The students are to center the letters in each panel, trace with a pencil, and then with a black marker.

2. The students colored in a different pattern inside each letter, and then different colors for the background.