How to draw Rudolph diagramI’ve made a tutorial on how to draw Rudolph, which I believe keeps his cute details, while keeping him as simple as possible to draw. That said, I would target this tutorial for children maybe ages 9 or 10. Rudolph is made from a lot of rounded, unsymmetrical shapes which I find are better for older students.

• View and download Rudolph Tutorial

• Color print of Rudolph tutorial
• Drawing paper
Stabilo Markers

PREP: Draw or print grid lines on paper as shown in tutorial.
1. Students draw Rudolph according to the tutorial with a pencil.2. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
3. Rudolph and the background are colored with markers.


NOTE: This post contains an affiliate link to a product that I have tried and believe to be of good value for this project. Purchasing the product through this link will result in a small earnings for me, which helps me keep posting my projects for free.