draw a snailLearning about snails in your classroom?

Here’s a simple way to draw one, all starting with the number “6”. I found a wonderful foreign website (pavulurivikram.blogspot.dk) that has lots of drawings based on numbers, and want to give theme credit for this idea. I just added some realistic antennae so the snail would be more true to life.

• View and download Snail PDF Tutorial

• Color print of snail tutorial
• Drawing paper
• Marker, black
• Crayons

1. Fold paper to make grid lines, or print.
2. Students draw the snail according to the tutorial.
3. The drawing is traced with a marker.
4. The drawing is colored with crayons.
5. Older students may want to add some shading in the swirl, by pressing extra hard around the black line.