Here’s one of my recent favorites, a Snowman Matchbox project that I think I enjoyed watching as much as the students did making. I’m so happy I stumbled across this type of art over on Pinterest because it’s got so many possibilities. Meanwhile, here’s the basics of how I did this – with 32 kids no less, ranging from kinder to 5th grade.

• Download Matchbox Tutorial PDF template and directions

• White card stock paper
• Glue stick
• Sharpie, ultra fine point, black
Model Magic, white, black and orange
• Sticks, tiny ones found outdoors
Stabilo Markers

PREP: Print out sleeve, insert and tray template on heavy cardstock. I like the 67 lb. white variety best. Trim all with a papercutter. Fold and glue one tray for each student. (See the directions on the PDF file.)
1. Students draw a continuous winter landscape on the flat sleeve. They trace the lines with an ultra fine point Sharpie, and color in with Stabilo markers (sold at Aaron Bros.)
2. Students color the insert in a similar manner.
3. The sleeve is glued together on one side to make a sleeve, and the insert is glued into the tray with a glue stick.
4. A snowman is made with white Model Magic, and a hat from black, and nose from orange. If you only have red and yellow, you can also mix them to make orange. Eyes and buttons are drawn with a marker, and two little sticks are stuck in the sides. Gluing the snowman in place is optional.

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