Wax paper from Smart & Final worked great for this symmetrical project. The paper is thin enough to see through, yet strong enough to cover with paint.


  • Wax Paper sheets
  • Sharpie black chisel tip markers
  • Tempera paint, gold and silver



  1. Fold wax paper in half. Draw half of a vase and flowers, facing the fold of the paper. Trace art with a black Sharpie marker.
  2. Flip the folded paper over and trace the other side. When opened, there should be a symmetrical art.
  3. Paint the art with gold and silver tempera paint. Let dry.
  4. Students trace the lines one last time with a black chisel tip Sharpie marker to make them very black. If you display the art hanging from a string, it will have a very light weight  and iridescent look to it.