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Preview my Insect eBook

insects to drawIt seems to me that the study of insects needn’t be done in unexciting black and white diagrams.

Students can make some colorful studies in art, and use them for science reports later on. This Cicada is simple to draw and when finished with crayons and watercolor, can look pretty amazing.

It also occurred to me that a few easy additions to my tutorials would probably help busy teachers. Each tutorial in this book will come as shown below with a full page finished sample for classroom display, a drawing and painting tutorial, a coloring page, and a tracing page, which my younger students love to do in their free time.

I would love to hear about needs for any other themes. Thanks so much, your Cicada freebie link is below. By subscribing to my email list at the same time, you can be sure all my future giveaways will land in your inbox.

Draw a Cicada

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