Gold Rush Mural and Wanted Poster


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My search for an interesting Gold Rush mural brought me to the story of the Niantic. It started as a whale ship that brought fortune-seekers to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush of 1849. Rumor has it that after it docked, both passengers AND crew abandoned the ship to pan for gold in the nearby hills! The empty ship eventually ran aground and was converted into a hotel. Rebuilt over the years due to fire damage, it was at one time considered one of the finest in San Francisco.

My new “Wanted Poster” ebook has everything you need to help your students make an amazing tabloid-sized posters. They can tape the two pages together, draw themselves as outlaws (with the help of a tutorial), and finish with a special torn looking edge.

• 6 page mural (24″ x 18″ when complete)
• 15 page mural (40″ x 30)
• 28 page mural (53″ x 40)
* Assembly instructions
• Coloring Guide
• Single Page Versions

Two-page Poster Template for students (approx. 10″ x 16″ when complete)
Two-page Poster Template for teacher (to make a full size sample)
• Project Instructions
• Drawing Tutorial (to help draw a self portrait with hat and scarf)
• Letter size samples of boy and girl poster

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