Learn to Draw: Children




easy drawing for children

My new eBook is designed for those just learning how to draw bodies, and place them in settings. I’ve learned from kindergarten teachers that the more detail that students can add to their bodies and background, the more they will be able to write about them too.

The hair, clothes and background are all simplified for those learning how take the next step up from stick drawings. I’ve also included a page with examples of facial expressions to draw.

Note: Students tend to draw very small at this age. I recommend starting them off with a paper that has Step 1 already drawn for them. I’m including a page with this shape on the last page of the ebook.


  • Nine step-by-step tutorials of boys and girls with variations in clothes, hair and background
  • Nine gray line drawings of each child to use for tracing practice
  • Examples of how to draw six easy facial emotions
  • Template with Step 1 of each drawing already in place


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