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Quilling Snowflakes with Bread Ties

quilling-SnowflakesQuilling is an art form that involves rolling, and gluing strips of paper together to create decorative designs. If you use bread ties instead, the curl stays and thus easier to glue too.

• Craft sticks, regular size
• Craft glue
Bread ties, white
• Pencil
• Magnetic strips (optional)


1. Students make a craft stick board by gluing 11 sticks across two back sticks. Let sticks dry while the curls are made.

2. White bread ties may be bought at Smart & Final stores and online. Students wrap their ties around a pencil to get a roll started, and then remove and finish them with their fingers. They needed to make one large roll for the snowflake center, and then three for each of the six arms (19 total).

3. Craft glue is used to attach the curls to the popsicle board. Magnetic strips may be added to the back to make a very crafty and creative refrigerator magnet.

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