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Rainbow Magazine Collage

Here’s one of my group art project ideas that I return to from time to time. Truly art made from trash, as in old magazines headed for the recycling bin.

group art project ideas

I love that these rainbow collages create such impact with all their color. Students wouldn’t get that full effect if they each created a small one on their own.


  • Butcher paper (mine was 10′ x 3′)
  • Old magazines,
  • Scissors
  • Lots of glue sticks
  • Clear packing tape



  1. Attach butcher paper to wall or board. Write the rainbow color order on it to plan how much space each color needs.
  2. Students cut swatches of color for each, and place it under the butcher paper to keep things sorted.
  3. The “glue-master” (teacher or adult) starts glueing the swatches in place, trying to keep the surface smooth.
  4. When the entire paper is filled, the edges may be trimmed, if desired.
  5. A teacher or adult tears strips of packing tape, about 10″ in length) and gradually covers the entire wall.
  6. Hang or display with heavy tape or custodian approved adhesive.


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