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Recycled Pencil Star

This easy Christmas craft comes about from seeing too many half-used pencils in my room. I have boxes of them that are a bit too awkward to hold, but seem too long to throw away. I first tried gluing them together to make a star on their own, but found they need a stable base. Craft sticks work perfectly and blend in with the look as well. 

easy christmas crafts to make
• 10 used pencils (Ticonderoga brand will get you the pretty yellow color)
• Craft sticks
• Craft glue
• String (optional)
1. Glue 10 sticks together to make a star shape. Let dry until the shape is firm. If you can pick it up and all the joints stay in place, it is good to go.
2. Sharpen the 10 pencils a bit so they are all the same length as one of the sticks.
3. Glue pencils on the sticks with the eraser ends touching each other. Let the star dry again for several hours.
4. Tie a string to hang your star someplace special!

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