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Recycled Robots

If you collect as much misc. stuff as I do, then you just might be a good candidate to make this recycled art project with your students.

These robots were made over four weeks in an after school class, but I could see them being simplified and done in a couple instead. Just man your hot glue gun stations carefully. I had two for about 30 students and lines still tended to be longer than I would hope for.

• Cardboard to make main chest/body (I used large Goldfish box cartons)
• Masking tape
• Duct tape, black and silver
• Old marker caps, misc. plastic trash
• Old bottles for legs
• Rubber bands
• Spray paint (I had orange, yellow and black on hand)
• Silver electric tape
• Paper take out soup container
• Pipe cleaners
• Old beads
• Plastic shot cups
• Popsicle sticks
• Silver Sharpie markers
• Hot glue gun and sticks

CLASS ONE: Students took my precut cardboard and taped together bodies with masking tape. When complete, they went to a duct tape station and had the front of the box covered with the tape of their choice. Afterwards, they chose plastic “widgets” to place on the front, and went to a hot glue station to get them attached.

CLASS TWO: I had hot glued the bottles together for each leg. Students wrapped the seams with electrical tape, waited to get them glued to their bodies, and then made beaded bands with rubber bands to decorate their robot bodies.

CLASS THREE: I had sprayed the paper cup containers black and punched holes in the base. Students could string beads on a pipe cleaner and stick it in the hole. They waited to get the head hot glued to the top of the body.

CLASS FOUR: I hot glued some small shot cups and a popsicle stick together to make them arms. Students decorated them and their body, and got them hot glued together when complete.

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