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Cupcake Painting

When you need a watercolor painting ideas for kids, cupcakes are always a good option. Most students have plenty of ideas about how they should look.

watercolor painting ideas for kids

My school holds an art fundraiser every fall, working with a company that places the student’s art on coffee cups, notebooks, key chains, you name it. Trying to find a new project every year that brings out the best in what the students can do is not easy. Over the years, I’ve narrowed my list of favorite media to use to very simple oil pastels or super easy watercolor paintings. I plan to stay with the food theme and try this cupcake painting. Kinder and 1st graders can just concentrate on making it big and pretty and 3rd through 5th can add depth and shadows.



• Watercolor paper

• Black Sharpie marker

• Crayons

• Liquid watercolor paint



  1. Students draw a giant cupcake holder that fills the bottom half of the paper.
  2. A cupcake top is drawn.
  3. The drawing is traced with a black Sharpie.
  4. Sprinkles are drawn with crayons.
  5. The cupcake is painted with watercolor paint.
  6. A background is added. Choosing a complementary color will add the most contrast and make your cupcake look really bright.

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