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Scratch Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

I brought out my old stash of oil pastels and showed students how to make scratch art designs for Valentine’s Day. Messy, but really beautiful!

This is what you save that old broken batch of pastels for. Choose a simple shape for students to draw, layer with color, and then scratch away. The fun part is that if they don’t like their design, they can “erase” by coloring over and scratching again.


  • Heavy drawing paper
  • Oil pastels (I prefer the soft Portfolio brand)
  • Skewer or scratching stick



  1. Students fold the paper in half the long way so they have a center line to draw the heart.
  2. A large symmetrical heart is drawn in the middle of the paper.
  3. In this case, the student colored the heart yellow and the background pink.
  4. She then colored blue over the pink and red over the yellow. Heavy coloring is important. No white spots!
  5. A stick is used to scratch a message in the heart.


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