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Scratch Art Leaf Drawing

scratch art leaf drawingA scratch art drawing project calls for a different plan to account for the fact that kids cannot erase.

I recommend some kind of tracing step to safely get your art onto the not-so-inexpensive scratch art paper.

• Download Leaf for Scratch Art Template
• Scratch art paper
• Copy paper
• Tape
• Ball point pen
• Stylus

1. Print leaf on copy paper and tape to front of Scratch Art paper. Trace with a ball point paper.
2. When you remove the white paper, you should see a faint dented line on the black paper. Trace with a wooden stylus. Trace again to make the outline a thick line.
3. Scratch all the separate areas with different kinds of lines: circles, zig zags, swirls, etc. Challenge yourself to not repeat any and make each pattern different.

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