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Paint a Shark

I found this great idea for a shark drawing over at Dream Big Kinders, and I knew that my first graders would love it.

Instead of a collage though, I turned the shark into a painting project to learn how to mix gray. It would also work great for tinting and shading for older students. If one side has a little more black than the other, the shark would have a shadow.


  • Multimedia paper
  • Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip
  • Tempera paint, white and black
  • Paint brushes


  1. Students fold and crease their paper in half both ways to help them draw a symmetrical image.
  2. Students draw the shark mouth, centered on the middle fold.
  3. The eyes are drawn above it.
  4. The outer shape of the shark is drawn.
  5. Details area added, such as the teeth and nose lines.
  6. The shark drawing is traced with a thick black marker. The inside of the mouth is colored in with the marker.
  7. Students get a small amount of black paint, and more white, to mix their own gray paint and paint the shark body.