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Sharpie Art Light Switch

Use a light switch cover for your next Sharpie art project, and you’ll have a fun addition to any room that features your own custom art.

Sharpie art project

All kinds of Sharpies will work on these covers, but to get some nice thick links and solid coloring, try the Sharpie Brush Markers. They really are like the perfect blend of a marker and paint brush, and never drip.

I also like how the paint brush tip creates very “painterly” looking lines, which you just can’t get with a regular Sharpie marker.

Work lightly though, so the lines don’t get too thick. (It’s easy to do if you press too hard.) That’s why a practice drawing is highly recommended.


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  1. The slippery covers don’t take to pencil very well, so I recommend tracing the cover onto a sheet of copy paper for a practice drawing first.
  2. Draw something simple with the black marker.
  3. Fill in the drawing with colored brush markers. Take care to not bump the black, it may smear if you do.
  4. Add stripes or dots on top of solid colors for some extra patterns.
  5. Replace any of your boring switch plates with your new custom plate!



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