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Sharpie Marker Alphabet

Here’s an idea for making finished auction art. Each students is assigned a letter and they make it as fancy and colorful as can be with Sharpie markers.

I decoupage them to a canvas board, and later outline the letters with a metallic marker to give them some extra sparkle.



PREP: Divide your final board into a grid of 5 rows by 5 columns. Draw the grid on the canvas with pencil, and give each student a paper with the appropriate size rectangle. Assign letters to each student, noting that “I” and “J” share a box.

  1. Students make a practice drawing of their letter on the paper.
  2. Students trace the drawing onto a sheet of dry wax paper and color it in with Sharpie markers.
  3. The colored dry wax paper is cut out and decoupaged to a canvas using 50/50 white glue and water.
  4. After the art is dry, the letters are traced with a metallic marker to add an extra shine.

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