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Sharpie Marker Alphabet

Here’s an idea for making finished auction art. Each students is assigned a letter and they make it as fancy and colorful as can be with Sharpie markers.

The process of having students create their own rectangle and then applying them all to one canvas follows the same process as my Sharpie Portraits on Canvas project. The only difference is students were assigned one letter draw and make super “fancy” and when complete, I added some metallic marker highlights to make the letters read a little better.


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PREP: Divide your final board into a grid of 5 rows by 5 columns. Draw the grid on the canvas with pencil, and give each student a paper with the appropriate size rectangle. Assign letters to each student, noting that “I” and “J” share a box to make the 25 box grid work for 26 letters.

  1. Students make a practice drawing of their letter on the paper.
  2. Students trace the drawing onto a sheet of dry wax paper and color it in with Sharpie markers.
  3. The colored dry wax paper is cut out and decoupaged to a canvas using 50/50 white glue and water.
  4. After the art is dry, the letters are traced with a metallic marker to add an extra shine.