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Sharpie Scribble LOVE

How about making it “Opposite Day” in art class, one where scribbling is not only allowed, but encouraged?

sharpie art for kids

This lesson could tie in Jasper Johns for his textured letter paintings, or Robert Indiana for his LOVE art, and of course, a review of warm and cool colors. Would also look pretty great on a coffee cup, if you ask me, for an art fundraiser.

• Chip board
• Die cutter or good old scissors
• Fingerpaint paper
• Sharpie markers, brush type recommended


  1. Cut L-O-V-E letters from chip board. My school has a diecutter that works great for this job.
  2. Students trace the letters in pencil on fingerpaint paper. If you like the bright look of my sample, it’s because the colors rather glide on the slipper white fingerpaint paper, more so than just the average drawing paper.
  3. Without outlining any edges, students fill the inside of the letters with warm OR cool Sharpie markers, and the opposite with the remaining group. The scribblier, the better. (I think I just made up a new word!)

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