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Textured Chicken Painting

This simple chicken painting is a great project for beginners, say like kindergarten or so.

Simple chicken painting

Simple shapes to draw, yet easy to personalize with a crown or extra fancy feathers.

• Multimedia paper
• Circle template, a small cup or similar
• Crayons
• Liquid watercolor paint
• Salt


1. Students trace a small cup for a round head. A line is drawn to the right, and curve below to make a large half circle for the body. Two legs are added, curves for the tail, and details on the head.

2. All these lines are traced with a crayon when complete.

3. My favorite way for young ones to paint is with liquid watercolor paints. They can concentrate on filling the shapes, and not about getting the right amount of water mixed with the paint. Students paint the body first, and then sprinkle a bit of salt on it while the paint is still wet. The salt absorbs the water, makes a cool texture, and may be rubbed off when the entire painting is complete.

4. After the body is filled, the background may be painted in with one or more colors.

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