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Simple Flowers to Draw

Looking for simple drawing ideas? These flowers come from an old Arts & Activities magazine, and work for kinders as the lines are very basic.

simple drawing ideas

I’ve used it as one of the first direct draw lessons as it includes lots of words they are learning: straight, zig-zag, round, short, long, etc.

The make the most of those cute wobbly lines, I recommend tracing the drawing with the fattest, blackest markers, then filling in with the brightest ones you have.. You will end up enhancing the wonderfully quirky quality that children’s art has when they are just learning how put their art down on paper.





  1. Draw a border with rounded corners.
  2. Add a zig-zag line for grass.
  3. Draw two large circles and two stems.
  4. Draw two smaller inside circles.
  5. Draw petals around the circles.
  6. Add “pins” between each petal.
  7. Draw small circles and the end of each pin.
  8. Add leaves to stems, and a ladybug.