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Curious Cats

If you are looking for simple drawings for kids to copy, try sharing this “Jazzy Cat” painting. One of my students, Zack, was inspired to make this adorable drawing.
I think it’s up there with my all time faves drawings by kids, and is even included in my “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book on Amazon.

The secret to having this come out so rich with color? Start with fingerpaint paper. It’s best with the simplest of drawings as erasing pencil lines is a little tough, but once you get to the tracing and coloring, it more than makes up for it. The coated paper makes the color slide on and keep a rich, shiny look.

If you really want to try the top end, try Sharpie Brush Markers*. The price may be too much for a classroom budget, but would make a special treat for budding artists. There’s something so soothing about spreading color with them.


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  1. Start by drawing a foreground cat with a simple face and add shoulders below. Add another cat behind, with simple shoulders, and continue until the page is full. (Note: This art was drawn on coated paper, similar to slippery finger painting paper. The marker color just looks much richer on it.)
  2. Trace all the lines with a thick black Sharpie marker. Challenge students to keep things mostly black and white so there will be lots of contrast.
  3. Fill in the background with one chisel tip Sharpie marker, taking care to leave no spots.
  4. Thanks to Zach G., a talented 1st grader, for letting me share his artwork.

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