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Simple Polar Bear Drawing

simple polar bear drawing can make a very cute holiday card. You can swap that hat out for a regular stocking cap the rest of the year.

I love using this easy drawing as a watercolor project. Try using real watercolor paper so the colors are bright and the crayon resist for the snow really stands out. This painting by Kassidy, I think a kinder or first grader at the time, is still one of my all time favorites.


  • View and download Bear Tutorial
  • Watercolor paper, highly recommended for getting bright colors
  • Black permanent marker, thick chisel tip
  • Watercolor paint, I recommend the liquid type



  1. Draw the bear according to the tutorial.
  2. Trace all the lines with a black marker.
  3. Paint the scarf and hat with watercolor paint.
  4. Draw circles with blue paint in the background. Fill the blue around the circles.

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