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Simple Shark Drawing

Here’s my favorite way to make a simple shark drawing, and modify it for different grade levels. Younger students learn about symmetry, older can add a shadow.

simple shark drawing

This is an example of how I learned to modify a lesson to work with different grade levels throughout a week of classes. It’s the best solution I found after years of trying to constantly do different projects for EVERY grade. That’s a lot of draining work. This keeps thing simple and allows you time to make one really GOOD descriptive step-by-step display for your classroom. Students can visually absorb the information, and they are encouraged to answer their own questions with it accordingly.


  • Cardboard for template
  • Drawing paper, 9″ x 12″
  • Black marker, I like Staples Chisel Tip
  • Crayons


PREP: Cut a half head template for each student out of cardboard.

  1. Students fold the paper in half, place the template on the fold (note symmetry lesson) and trace with a pencil. The paper is opened up, the template is flopped, and traced again (note again that symmetrical shapes have a line of reflection). The mouth is drawn by making two symmetrical “frowns”. The rest of the details are added, such as teeth, eyes, nose and water setting.
  2. The drawing is traced with a thick black marker.
  3. The shark is colored with crayons. Older students (2nd and up) make add a shadow by changing the VALUE of their shark drawing.

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