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Simple Spider Webs

Make a easy halloween art for kids with white glue and chalk pastel. The dried glue keeps the lines black, no matter how many times you rub over them.

easy halloween art for kids
  • Black card stock paper
  • White glue
  • Chalk pastels
WEEK ONE: On a sheet of black construction paper, students make a dot with a pencil somewhere near the center. They are to draw straight lines out from the center, going to the edges of the paper: about 2 lines up, two to the right, then the left and the bottom edge. Next, they draw a series to concentric circles around the center dot. Encourage the students to keep the lines simple, with lots of space in between. A bottle of white glue is used to trace all the pencil lines. To keep control of the glue line, it helps to keep the nozzle dragging on the paper when they squeeze.
WEEK TWO: After the glue has dried, students use chalk pastels and color and then blend with their fingers. Rubbing is essential as it blends the chalk into the paper, and cleans it off the glue, which will stay as a black line.

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