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Skeleton Craft

skeleton craft
My pack rat tendencies paid off when I figured out how use old watercolor trays to house this Model Magic skeleton.

How many themes can this project touch on? Let’s see.

Fun Halloween project? Check.

STEAM approved (study of bones)? Check.

Recycling old art supplies? Check.

Backpack (portable) proof? Check. Not bad for one project!



  • Old watercolor tray
  • Black spray paint
  • Crayola White Model Magic
  • Paint brush
  • Sparkle Mod Podge (optional)



1. Remove the inner tray from the watercolor case and wipe clean.

2. Spray paint inside and out with black spray paint.

3. Roll small tubes of Model Magic. Place as shown for the hips and legs. Make sure the rolls are not so thick that the lid will not shut when complete.

4.  Attach a center spine.

5. Form a head as shown. Poke holes with a pencil for two eyes and a mouth.

6. Add three skinny rolls for the ribs.

7. Roll arms and place. They should go down past the hips.

8. Add skinny rolls for the fingers and toes. Add small circles for knee caps. If the Model Magic is fresh, all the pieces will stick together really well. After a few days, the entire skeleton may need to be glued in the tray to stay in place.

9. Close skeleton and paint cover with Sparkle Mod Podge. Let dry until the cover is clear and sparkly. Have a happy recycled Halloween!