Snowflake Painting

snowflake paintingHere’s a simple snowflake painting project that was inspired by an illustration on a stock art website. I’ve found some amazing ideas at and, and, just to name a couple. Search vector illustrations for a topic and you can find literally thousands of drawing ideas.

• Watercolor Paper, 9″ x 9″ (recommended for vibrant colors)
• Template to trace, approx. 2.75″ in diameter
• White crayons
• Liquid watercolors


PREP: I’ve found it helpful to trace 9 large circles very lightly in pencil on watercolor paper to use as a guide.

1. Students draw an “X” in the middle of each circle with a white crayon, and then a horizontal line through the middle so their flake will have 6 legs. After that, they may add dots or arrows to each. They must press very hard and draw slowly to leave a lot of crayon on the paper.

2. Once students are certain that there is a snowflake drawn in the middle of each circle, they fill in each pencil circle with paint. The snowflake will “magically” appear, but only if there are very thick crayon lines.

3. When the art is dry, the pencil lines may be erased.