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Snowy Winter Landscape

The best way to learn how to paint a snowy winter landscape is to keep the colors very simple. Violet, blue and black can look amazing all on their own.

easy winter painting
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This art was used for our school’s annual holiday art fundraiser with Original Works. The goal was to create a colorful, seasonal picture for students of all religions and abilities. This is no small feat to take on every year, but this project worked well for me.

I fortunately had some paint markers left over from another project, and I knew the students would really get into making lots of tiny dots with them. I loved that I didn’t have to deal with paints and brushes, AND the spots dried within minutes too. But if paint markers are not in your budget, I totally understand, and splattering white tempera would be a fine alternative.


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  1. Students draw a simple horizon line with one or more hills.
  2. Empty trees are added, ONLY in stick form. No leaves for the winter.
  3. The trees are traced with a black oil pastel, pressing hard to make thick lines.
  4. Students paint a circle for the moon, add a band of color around it, and then fill in the rest. I gave them the option of using the colors however they wanted.
  5. The next class students used the paint markers to add lots of delicate spots of snow. A substitute would be splattering some white snow using tempera paint.


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