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Snowy Winter Landscape


Students finished their snowy landscapes with the perfect tool. Sharpie paint markers allowed all the art to easily get a delicate sprinkling of snow.

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This art is getting used for annual holiday art fundraiser with Original Works. The goal was to create a colorful, seasonal picture for students of all abilities. This is no small feat to take on every year, but this one worked well for me. The proof will be in the parent’s orders.


  • Multimedia paper
  • Black and purple oil pastels, not the water-soluble kind
  • Liquid watercolor paint: turquoise and violet
  • Sharpie paint marker, white, water-based


  1. Students draw a simple horizon line with one or more hills.
  2. Empty trees are added, ONLY in stick form. No leaves for the winter.
  3. The trees are traced with a black oil pastel, pressing hard to make thick lines.
  4. Students paint a circle for the moon, add a band of color around it, and then fill in the rest. I gave them the option of using the colors however they wanted.


The next class students used the Sharpie paint markers to add lots of snow.

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