Snowy Winter Tree Painting

paint a winter treeFor this snowy winter tree painting, students have the chance to just focus on the branches without any worries about leaves. Studying their basic structure will help them draw more realistically. I’ve posted my favorite method of drawing “Y Trees” before but this time it’s with a winter theme.

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• Multimedia paper
• Oil Pastel, black
• Oil Pastel, blue
• Tempera paint, white


1. Draw a large “Y” just using a black oil pastel. Then add more “Y”s on the branches until it is filled.
2. Make the trunk and middle branches thicker, ending with just points at the tips of all the branches.
3. Draw a horizon line with a blue pastel, and filled in the sky as solid as possible. The darker, the better.
4. After mixing up some watery white tempera paint, use a brush to shake drops all over the picture. No flinging, just shaking up and down. Let dry flat before you pick up your masterpiece.