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Sunset Halloween Art Project

The challenge of any great Halloween art project, is to tap into the spooky imagination that the season provides, and still teach a few valuable art lessons.

This sunset project comes from my Extra Long Journal Projects eBook and I’m sampling it here (for the first time!) to show how much fun it can be to create a shadowy silhouette on a very tall sheet of paper. Use it for your Recycled Art Journals (folded in half) or just line them up for a colorful classroom display.

My favorite part of this Halloween art project is that it gets some of the best color results I know of, without needing expensive supplies. My sample here is created just with drawing paper, permanent marker, and bleeding tissue paper.

If you haven’t heard of bleeding tissue paper before, it is a very specific “artsy” tissue paper that as far as I know, you can only get from online sources. It’s a great substitute for paint as you just place it on your paper, brush water on top, let dry and brush off. A pretty great option for art on a cart teachers.

(Please note, regular tissue paper is not the same thing. The bleeding type will specifically say “bleeding” somewhere in the name, just in case you are not sure what type you may have.)


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Directions for Halloween Art Project

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw, color and paint your Halloween sunset.

  1. Prep: Cut warm shades of bleeding tissue paper into squares.

    You need lots of 2″ x 2″ squares of yellow, orange, pink and red.

  2. Draw your silhouette with a pencil.

    You’ll need a ground line, tree, branches, cat, owl, pumpkins, etc.

  3. Trace the drawing with a thick black permanent marker, and then fill in.

  4. Brush the paper lightly with water, place tissue on top, and brush again to make it ALL wet.

    Make rows of red, orange, pink and yellow to get a gradated sunset look. Let dry.

  5. Remove the tissue after it is dry.

    Use a thin black marker to go back and add skinny branches, grass, etc.Halloween art project

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  1. Kathleen Barbro

    Thanks! Always happy to pass on tips on where to buy things.

  2. shodgson77

    Fabulous! This project will get my attention next week, with fifth graders. Incidentally, Artists’ Craftsman Supply carries bleeding tissue paper, great stuff.
    As always, thanks for more engaging, and NEW, ideas.

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