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Symmetrical Drawing Exercise

Looking for fun drawing exercises for kids? Try giving students half of a printed spider and ask them to fill in the missing side. I like how it allows students to draw with much more detail, by noticing what is already there.

draw spider

Here’s a tip for finding other options. If you search for spiders at “Clip Art ETC” you will find THIS amazing collection. You may have trouble deciding which one to download. I chose the highest resolution of a fuzzy one, and cropped it in my computer to print just half an image.

• Download Spider Template

• Print of half spider on drawing paper
• Pencil

1. I recommend that students start with drawing the outside edges of the body and legs until they think the shapes match.
2. Details are added, such as the stripes in the legs and the fuzz around the outside edge.
3. Shading is added, including the really dark areas like the where the legs connect to the body.

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