Student MLK mural art from the Bronx

Thank you to Ms. Serre and Ms. March’s fourth grade class from PS11 in the Bronx, NY. They quickly put one of my murals together today, and shared the results. Isn’t it great? I just love the colors they chose, and the way they got the black so black. Great job kids! For anyone that is interested, I sell this MLK Mural template in my PDF shop for just $5. Buy it once and … Read More

How to Draw Martin Luther King

I put my portrait drawing skills to the test today to see if I could show students how to draw Martin Luther King, hopefully with a decent resemblance. The kids did a great job so I thought I’d pass this along as I know quite a few students are studying the life of this amazing man. TIP: I strongly recommend using a thick black Sharpie marker for all the black as it really helped to … Read More

Collaborative Martin Luther King Mural

A reader shared this collaborative Martin Luther King mural photo awhile back, and it’s one of my favorites. I’m amazed how neatly they colored it and put it together. (Also, would love it if someone could let me know whose school this is. I’d love to credit them!) The mural was made with my Martin Luther King PDF template, and I’m guessing colored with oil pastels. If you want to make your own, just … Read More

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