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Tallest Ice Cream Cone

paint tall ice cream coneIf you want to encourage kids to draw tall shapes, it helps to have paper cut to match.
• Watercolor paper, 18″ x 24″  cut into 18″ x 6″ panels
• Crayons
• Watercolor paint, I prefer the liquid kind
1. Students discuss all the different ice cream flavors they could think of. The point is to realize how many different colors ice cream comes in these days. The cone is sketched in pencil with as many scoops of ice cream as they can fit.
2. To help keep the watercolor from spreading, all the lines are traced in crayon.
3. The scoops and background are painted in with watercolor paint.
4. After the paint is dry, all the lines may be traced again with a black permanent marker, but only if more definition is useful.