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Tissue Paper Collage Boxes

These tissue paper collage creations are made from old Mac keyboard boxes. I was happy to see that the narrow format encouraged more creative layouts.

tissue paper collage

I recommend using the non-bleeding type of tissue paper for making images that do not run together. Most online art stores offer both the bleeding and non-bleeding type. These boxes were made by 2nd and 3rd graders, and I’m in love with the colors and images. The center one, if you can’t quite make it out, was made by a student with a thing for preying mantises.


  • Old white boxes with a narrow format, Mac keyboard boxes work really well
  • Tissue paper, non-bleeding
  • Paper cutter
  • Collage Pauge, or white glue
  • Small container to mix glue and water
  • Thick paint brush


WEEK ONE: Students chose one tissue paper color for a background, and applied torn pieces with watery glue to the box. Gentle dabbing was needed so the paper didn’t tear.

WEEK TWO: Students cut shapes from tissue and glued down with a product called “Collage Pauge”. It both acted as a glue and gloss for the finished art.


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