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Tissue Paper Flowers

Need a pretty but inexpensive Mother’s Day project? Tissue paper flowers cost pennies and can be modified to neatly fit any size jar.


Mother’s Day project

All you need is an old baby food jar, tissue paper, white glue and a couple of green pipe cleaners. This tissue flower project has been pretty popular, so I thought I’d repost it with the tutorial that I made awhile back to help get the proportions right. It’s a great spring time project that costs very little, so you don’t need to wait until Mother’s Day to make one.


  1. Tear blue tissue paper into small little strips.
  2. Make a 50/50 mix of white glue and water, brush on the outside of a baby food jar.
  3. Apply overlapping strips of tissue paper. Continue until the jar is covered.
  4. Brush a final layer of mixture over all to smooth the surface before it dries. Let dry.
  5. My inspiration for the flowers comes from “Tissue Paper Flowers” by the editors of Klutz. Cut white tissue stars to be proportionate to the small jar.
  6. Make small green folded “nubs” on one ends of the pipe cleaners, slide on two yellow circles, and two white star flowers.
  7. Use a small amount of clay or play dough inside the jar to support the stems.


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