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Torn Paper Kandinsky Art

Paper+KandinskyAbstract art projects are great for those who feel that art is always about drawing, and may not always be so keen on their skills. Sometimes just making irregular shapes with color can produce beautiful results. These circles are created in the style of Kandinsky’s “Farstudie Quadrate”.

1. Students start with a horizontal 9″ x 12″ sheet of white paper. They choose six colored rectangles (4.5″ x 4″). These are to be glued down on the white paper, in two rows of three to make a grid.

2. Lots of additional (4.5″ x 4″) rectangles may be distributed. The students are to tear (no cutting!) an oval that fills one rectangle. Then they are to tear sequentially smaller ovals that fit inside, at least three ovals in each. As the pieces are torn, they are glued down with a glue stick. Continue until all the rectangles are filled.

3. When the glue is dried, students use oil pastels in contrasting colors to draw 2-3 ovals in each rectangle.