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Poinsettia Art

poinsettia artMake some pretty poinsettia art by just tearing shapes from tissue paper. The torn shapes just naturally look a lot like the flower petals.

• Multimedia paper
• Tissue paper: green, red and yellow
• White glue
• Water and container
• Brush
• Oil pastels


1. Rectangles of red, green and yellow tissue paper are needed (the craft kind, NOT any that says ‘bleeding paper‘). There is a grain to the paper which makes it easier to tear in one direction than the other. Tear petals, leaves and a center for 3 flowers.
2. After all the shapes are torn, use a brush and 50/50 water+glue solution to cover a white sheet of paper.
3. Arrange the flowers are arranged on top of it. When complete, another layer of the glue goes over the entire paper to seal the shapes down to the paper. Let dry for a few hours.
4. With an oil pastel, color around all of the torn shapes, leaving a bit of white edge around the tissue for a more dramatic effect.