Hand Print Turkey

hand print turkeyThe idea of a hand print turkey has been around for awhile. Here’s a twist using a craft foam hand and acrylic paint to make a simple and easy mono print.
• Craft foam hands
• Craft glue
• Cardboard, about 10″ x 13″ rectangle
• Paint brush
• Brown acrylic paint
• Heavy white paper
• Black Sharpie
• Pencil crayon
PREP: Craft foam hands are sold in lots of craft stores. Glue one for each student with craft glue onto a large piece of corrugated cardboard. Let dry overnight.
1. The students each get their own cardboard with hand, flat paint brush, and several pieces of letter size paper. With my young students, I opted to walk around and squirt a bit of brown acrylic paint on each board. The students used their brush to spread the paint around and spread out any puddles. They placed a piece of paper on top, rubbed it with their hand, and lifted to make a print. They were able to make several prints to get one that they really liked (clean shape with minimal splotches).
2. After the prints were dry, each student used a black Sharpie to draw just a few details on their turkey. Shapes were colored in with pencil crayon when finished.