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Under the Sea Creatures


Model Magic students made an ocean habitat diorama by attaching little fish to a wall of blue. When the clamshell was closed, they really did resemble little fish tanks!

ocean habitat diorama


  • Model Magic; red, yellow, blue, white and black
  • Souffle cups with lids for storage
  • Clamshell containers


PREP: I have about 45 students in this after school class every week. I once had trouble keeping the prepped supplies fresh until I tried small souffle cups with lids. I now make trays that have cups of Model Magic for about every 6 or so students. They can open and serve themselves, and I and my helpers can focus on helping them shape things.

  1. Students pressed a wall of blue into one side of the container. With repeated pressings, it stuck and stayed in place.
  2. I advised everyone to make a fish on it’s own before placing it on the wall. Chances are that after it is stuck, you cannot take it off.
  3. Details were added, such as orange gravel, green seaweed and even mermaids.

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