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Valentine Heart Art

Your Valentine art for kids can’t go wrong with these rows of delicate hearts, even if they do get crooked and lopsided. In fact, I think that makes them look even better. Who wants a painting that looks like a computer made it?

valentine art for kids

I also know that many young students get frustrated drawing hearts, so if you want to keep the focus on color mixing, I recommend handing out heart templates made with a paper punch.

One more option, make a master heart page template with light pencil lines and make a copy for each student.

Watercolor paper
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  1. OPTION: Either draw your own hearts lightly with a pencil, or use a page with them in place already. Try to make the lines as light as possible so they don’t detract.
  2. Mix as many new colors as you can with the watercolor sets. Paint rows of hearts that are evenly spaced.
  3. The rows are repeated, with the goal to be mixing as many different colors as possible. It’s a good lesson to appreciate delicate differences in color, and how pretty they are all together.





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