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Valentine Project: Tissue Hearts

My Valentine project a few years ago were these tissue heart rings. Not every activity has that much range, but these hearts did.

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valentine projectsI’m not sure how standard the heart punches (shown to the left) are to public schools. These were part of a die cut system that worked great for heavy paper, and pivotal in making these hearts. I found that heavy watercolor paper was a great weight as the hearts needed to have some weight to keep their shape.

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  • Heart die cut
  • Watercolor paper
  • Markers: reds and pinks
  • Colored tissue paper: lots of reds, pinks
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks
  • Old pencils
  • Ribbon (optional)


PREP: Precut a heart from heavy paper for each student. Also cut LOTS of tissue into about 1″ squares. Spread them out in lots of bowls

1. Students color the heart with a marker to help fill in the background.

2. They rub some glue on the heart. They place a 1″ square tissue over the eraser end of a pencil and roll with fingers. The end is placed on the glue on the heart so that it sticks in place, like a small flower.

3. Repeat until the heart is filled. Finish with a pretty satin ribbon, if possible.

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