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Van Gogh Value Pack $15

van gogh children's art activities If you are looking for Van Gogh children’s art activities, no need to look any further.

My new value pack contains all three of my most popular Van Gogh templates, each in two sizes, for a total of six murals. Buy this set once and you will have all kinds of mural options for years to come.


• Van Gogh Value Pack PDF templates

• Heavy card stock paper

• Paper Cutter

• Printer

• Pencil crayons, crayons, oil pastels or paint

• Masking tape



PREP: Print mural pages from PDF template. Trim the pages as shown in the instructions. Write the number of each page on the back in pencil as it is likely to get covered up in the coloring.

  1. Students get a single page to color at a time and work until all pages are complete.

2. The pages are layed out, back side up, and taped along each seam with masking tape.

3. The mural is ready to hang for display


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