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How to Paint Vegetables

Learn how to paint vegetables while you study their root systems. A cross section lets you see what’s both above and below the ground.

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This subject matter is great for a watercolor resist project. The crayons make nice edges for the plants, add some texture, keep the paints from running together (hopefully!) and allow for some easy white roots.

TIP: I just learned that there is a great book to accompany this project. It’s called “Tops and Bottoms” and is a favorite among teachers. Apparently it’s all about plants and what lives above and below the ground, so what could be a better match than that?


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  1. On watercolor paper, students draw in pencil a horizontal line across the middle of the page. They add a variety of underground vegetables below (carrots, beets, scallions, etc.) and stems and leaves above.
  2. All pencil lines are traced with a crayon, pressure is needed to create dark lines.
  3. The vegetable shapes are painted in with watercolor paint. When complete, the ground, leaves and sky are painted as well.


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