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Warhol Cat Drawing

Warhol cat drawingHere’s a little different take on a cat drawing, one where you can focus on drawing the face, and then a sitting position for the body.
It was inspired by Andy Warhol’s famous “Red Sam”.


• Watercolor paper
• Black permanent marker, ultra fine tip
• Liquid watercolor paint


1. Start by drawing a large, rounded “W” in the middle of the paper, and connect the tops points together to close in the head. Add a small curve at the bottom to make a chin.
2. Add two ears that sit at angles at the top and erase the inside lines. Draw two eyes and a nose that extends down to an upside down triangle.
3. Complete the face by drawing whiskers from the cheeks. Draw the cat body around the head by adding a large curve at the top and two bumps at the sides for the hips.
4. Add feet at the bottom and a long tail wherever there is room. After the pencil drawing is complete, trace the lines with a black Sharpie marker, taking care to make the lines fuzzy and broken like fur. Distribute watercolor paint and have fun filling in your beautiful cat!