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Warhol Hand Prints

Warhol+hands-779x1024This Warhol hand print turned out well for an after school class. The watercolor background (quick drying time) allowed for the project to be done in one class.

• Watercolor Paper, 11″ x 15″
• Crayon
• Liquid watercolor paint
• White acrylic paint
• Black acrylic paint


1. I had pre-drawn the grid on the watercolor paper, but the students had to trace it heavily with a dark crayon. Afterwards, they painted each rectangle a different color. I had them use my liquid watercolors in spill-proof cups to speed up the process.

2. The watercolor sheets were taken away to dry and the students practiced making leaf prints with white acrylic paint on black paper. It was quite messy, as I knew it would be, but they did all have a lot of fun.

3. After about 20 minutes of leaf printing, I set up a station with one plate of black acrylic paint and one with white. I wiped any excess paint off the hands, and the students made hand prints on the watercolor paper. The hands were flipped for the bottom row to make a checker pattern.