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Warhol Hand Prints

Here’s one easy way to make an Andy Warhol themed art project for kids. Combine his love of color and repetition, and a child’s personal hand print for a special pop art keepsake.

andy warhol for kids

The watercolor background (quick drying time) allowed for this project to be done in one class. For best results, try to get the good stuff. The colors will pop more and the thickness will keep the paper from getting floppy.

Also, you may be able to adjust the size of the watercolor paper, if you are working with small hands. It’s nice to have them fill the rectangles, but not be so small that they look lost.


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  1. Draw the grid line on the watercolor paper ahead of time, especially if working with very young students.
  2. Students trace it heavily with a dark crayon.
  3. Next, they paint each rectangle a different color. I recommend liquid watercolors in spill-proof cups to speed up the process.
  4. While the watercolor is drying, try doing some simple paint project with acrylic paint. Practicing leaf prints with white acrylic paint on black paper is one idea.
  5. After about 20 minutes, set up a station with one plate of black acrylic paint and one with white. Wipe off any excess paint off the hands, and the students make handprints on the watercolor paper. The hands were flipped for the bottom row to make a checker pattern.

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