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Warhol Soup Cans

Bubblegum+Soup-682x1024Pop artist Andy Warhol wanted to make a statement about art being everywhere – even in grocery stores – hence his famous Campbell’s soup can. I’m going to try a twist on the idea by asking children to design their own soup label and wrap it around an empty tin can. Can’t wait to stack them up for the world’s easiest art show.

• View and download Soup Can Template

1. Save your old soup cans and wash them carefully. Download my label template  and print one for each student.

2. Students are to think up their own soup flavor, and write the name center bottom. A small symbol of that flavor needs to be drawn in the circle. All pencil lines are traced with a black marker.

3. Students color their label with markers that match their soup flavor.

4. The label is cut out and wrapped around an empty can, open side on the bottom and sealed with tape.