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Watercolor Flower Garden

I find students get much more creative when they skip the pencil stage and just make a watercolor drawing with their brush.

watercolor drawing

In this case, they draw some flowers and stems first, let dry, and THEN come back to find edges with a thin marker.


  • Watercolor paper, I love the Strathmore brand
  • Liquid watercolor paint
  • Thin black Sharpie marker


  1. Flower spots of varying sizes and colors are painted on the top half of a watercolor paper. Work quickly and overlap some while the paint is still wet so that colors bleed into each other.
  2. While the flowers dry, green paint is mixed and the leaves are added below. Some simple lines are good, along with solid patches of green. Varying shades add variety. Let dry for several hours.
  3. With a ultra fine point permanent black marker, draw edges to all the flowers, along with stems and leaves. Try to picture some flowers at angles, with the centers facing towards the sky, as in real life.

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